1990-1996 Corvette Installation Docs

1.  Locate the eight rear cover screws and remove them.  Use a 9/32" socket or T15 Torx screwdriver.


2. The rear cover lifts away from the circuit board from the bottom first.  It has  three plastic tabs that hold the dust shield to the circuit board.


3. Remove the six bezel screws around the edge of the cluster using a 9/32" socket or T15 screwdriver.

4. Remove the bezel and set it aside. 

5.  To remove the LCD you will wiggle the red connector back and forth. While holding the LCD pull it back towards yourself gently.  Note that the LCD is held in at the bottom by plastic tabs in the corners.  If you pull the LCD too far forward, the LCD panel will break at these corners.

6.  Once the LCD has been removed take out the old color filter.


7.  Install the new light diffuser in place of the old color filter. Note that the notch in the top needs to be placed under the electrical connector.


8.  Reinstall the LCD.  Align the ten pins to the ten holes in the LCD connector.  

Warning:  In the top right corner of the LCD frame, there is a rectangular protrusion that is located just above the LCD panel.  Make sure the LCD panel glass is entirely below this plastic tab before pressing the LCD connector into the connector.  If the glass is over this tab, it will crack when the bezel is reinstalled. 

9.  Carefully and slowly press the LCD panel pins into the connector.  Don't force this step.  If it doesn't go smoothly, something isn't lined up correctly. 

10.  Reinstall the bezel ( be sure that the tach panel needle is not pinched between the face of the cluster and the bezel.

11.  Reinstall the 6 screws which hold the bezel to the plastic housing.


12.  Remove the factory bulbs and install your color change LEDs in the locations shown above.  We supply a blue bulb for the high beam indicator (top center of LCD) and green turn signal indicators (top left and top right of LCD) with our standard kits, so be sure to install those colors in the correct location.  Install the LED color you chose in the other locations.  Note that the picture shown is the full color change kit.  If you ordered the LCD Only color change kit, just change the center five bulbs (the ones in the form of a "T" behind the LCD panel).  

13.  Reinstall the rear protective cover.  Use a small flat blade screwdriver to guide the plastic tabs into the slots on the circuit board.  Next install the eight screws which hold the rear protective cover to the plastic housing.

finished red full color change kit

free online video here

Normally the factory LCD image has black segments and lit background.  It is possible to invert the LED foreground and background (lit segments and black background). 


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Examples of inverted image LCDs